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Bluewater Extreme presents on this category, a variety of shafts for all types of spearfishing. Since conventional spearfishing until Blue Water Hunting.

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    Built with steel 2050 Mpa (52 Rockwell) are the hardest spears in the world.

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    Single/Double Flopper at Lengths from 130-170cm and diameters 6.5, 6.75, 7.0, 7.5 and 8.0mm with 3 to 4 sharkfins. Nylon line can be attached on second sharkfin or through the tail.
    Removable Head shaft: comes at Lengths 170-180cm, diameter 8.0mm, with 4 sharkfins and resting fin. Nylon line can be attached on shaft body or second sharkfin.
    Removable Heads: can be supplied for 8.0mm shafts with M7 threads.

  • Rob Allen Shafts

    Rob Allen shafts Spring Steel hawaiian type with high rigidity and reduced vibration. With round notches for dyneema wishbones, the sear notch is compatible with the vast majority of the trigger mechanisms of the euro spearguns. Electro-galvanization imparts resistance to corrosion.