Spearfishing Bungees


Bungees for spearfishing. In this category are exposed bungees built with latex, synthetic rubber or silicone.

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Reference: RARABG3X3M

Brand: Rob Allen

Rob Allen TPE Bungee

Rob Allen Bungees, made with TPE rubber are available in lengths of 3m, 5m, 10m and 15m. The elongation is limited to 3x the relaxed rubber length by the 270kg Dynema security line linked to the end loops. When hunting big fish Bungees provide up to 3x additional line when fully stretched by a 10kg load, while simultaneously providing a strong yet gentle...

Price €20.33
Product available with different options. Some variants may not be available.

Reference: PSBUNGEE-010_5-12m

Brand: PS-dive

PS-dive Bungee Tuna 10

Bungee 10mm silicone tube available 5m, 10m, 15m, 20m and 25m with the following characteristics: High quality 100% pure silicone elastic tube in 10mm blue color. 2.5 mm, 630 kg (1,300 lb) Dyneema SK78 internal line. 2 CURVE connectors 316L stainless steel ripstop. 300 mm (660 lb) 16mm union rings. Swivel 660 lb (300 kg). Long Line Clip XL 125 * 3.5 300...

Price €42.28

Reference: NEP16077

Brand: Neptonics

Neptonics Tuna Bungee

Bungee Neptonics Full-Length is constructed with synthetic rubber for use in Bluewater Hunting. It is processed with the same quality and detailed construction for which Neptonics floatlines are known. The Tuna Bungee has an uninterrupted Spectra core for 1,600 pounds (725 kg) and allows 200% elongation over the length of the bungee.

Price €186.18

Reference: BWEBUNGEE36001

Latex Bungee with Dyneema Core (360kg)

11mm diameter bungee, available from 1 to 25m with 1m increment. Resistance 360kg Stretch 3x the length of the latex tube. Terminals reinforced with high density 1.8mm rigid Dyneema.

Price €8.13

Reference: BWE106103111

Latex Rubber Tube 11x6mm for Bungees and Polespears

Black latex tube with 11m outer diameter, 6mm inner diameter and wall thickness 2.5mm. Used for mounting bungees, as well as rubber for polespears. WE ONLY GUARANTEE A MAXIMUM LENGTH OF 30m. AS AN EXAMPLE, AN ORDER OF 35m MAY BE SHIPPED WITH A SECTION OF 30m AND A SECTION OF 5m. If you need a length of less than 1m, please contact us.

Price €4.23

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