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Reference: CSC4LANT

Brand: C4

C4 Lux Flashlight

Anodized aluminum body. Ignited by potentiometer. 12,6 x 4,4cm. 3xAAA batteries. Power: 300Lm / 20000Lux. Duration: 2,30hrs. Maximum depth: 100m

Price €39.90
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Reference: CSKNAIFU

Brand: C4

C4 Naifu Knife

Length of 204mm and a blade length of 94mm. Use as a belt or leg knife. Durable POM Material used for sheath and handle which auto-lubricates. Locking system in sheath for easy extraction and insertion. Shaft remover on blade. Two rubber straps included with stainless steel buckles.

Price €29.00
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Reference: CSC4SACOVOL

Brand: C4

C4 Volare Spearfishing Bag

Large bag designed for spearfishing and freediving equipment. Being the longest bag on the market today, it can carry any model of freediving fin. It also features enough room to carry a wetsuit, neoprene gloves and socks.

Price €49.00
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