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Reference: SMDYN18/2

Spearmaster Wishbone Dyneema Line 1.8mm

South African dyneema cable, used by the main South African spearfishing brands, is normally used in the wishbones construction. Also suitable for reel line and shooting line. The extreme hardness of this cable is due to a thin but extremely dense outer layer of polyamide. The outer layer protects an inner dyneema core and also provides great resistance...

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Reference: ESC7DLTN

Brand: Epsealon

Knife Epsealon Silex Titanium

Removable blade 14cm available in stainless steel version with black titanium coating. Laser screen printing of the "EPSEALON" logo on one side and "Silex" on the other. Blade with sharp side and serrated side. Passivated stainless steel screws and black titanium coating. Two-material ergonomic handle with SEBS overmoulding. Delivered with its two...

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Reference: ESC7CSC

Brand: Epsealon

Cyano Glue Epsealon 20g

High performance adhesive for vertical or inverted collages and porous materials, instant glue. Do not run, do not queue, low outgassing, high resistance to wrenched off, ideal for marine condition.

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