Bluewater Hunting Selection
Bluewater Hunting Selection

Bluewater Hunting Selection

Equipment and accessories with specification for catching large specimens.

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Reference: AZSPA1204

Brand: Azure


Engineered for optimum performance for their category. Power and fast long range shot with supreme precision. Includes reel and rope ready to use. The AMBUSH 120 have a effective shot lenght 7.6m. Can accept heavy and powerfull set-ups with shafts up to ø8.00mm. Supplied with reel Azure XL, with 71m 1.8-2mm white-red rope, streght 150kg.

Price €812.00
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Brand: SpearMaster

SpearMaster 60L 2atm High Pressure Inflatable Buoy

High performance pressurized 60L inflatable float, South African style. With specifications for "Blue Water Hunting" and "extreme spearfishing", was designed and built by SpearMaster. Tested up to 30 psi. Safety recommended pressure 15 and 30L: 1.5 bar (~1.5 atm or 22 psi). Safety recommended pressure 60L: 1.0 bar (~1 atm or 15 psi).

Price €136.00

Reference: SMMBB

Brand: SpearMaster

Flasher Spearmaster Mirror Ball

The Flasher Ball of Mirrors has more than 200 mirrors that allow light emission in all directions including depth projection.It emits more light than all other devices and can be used alone or adapted to other flasher. Includes a vinyl padded PVC protective case

Price €45.00

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