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The revocation and cancellation of an order is handled on a case-by-case basis by the owner of the domain of this website, the cancellation instructions being defined by the owner within the valid legal framework.

The return can be requested by the user for simple withdrawal, because the product ordered is damaged or defective or because a different product was sent than the one ordered.

The user has the right to request the return of the ordered product without the need to provide any justification within 14 days of receiving the order or at any time before shipping it.

The items returned due to the user's withdrawal must be in a condition of sale, that is, they must be in the same condition in which they were sent to the user, in the original packaging if this was sent to him.

Returns will not be considered for careless use or misuse. The replacement of the order or refund of the amount will only be made after checking the integrity of the returned item. The owner of this domain is responsible for verifying the integrity of returned orders.

In case of return of the total or partial order, the customer may request the return of the amount or an exchange for other items of equivalent value.

If the return request is motivated by the user's withdrawal and the order is already in his possession and within the 14-day reflection period, the return costs will be funded by the owner of this website. In this case, the user must send a message to the contact email of this website, following the form presented in point A in "Form of Revocation and Cancellation". The choice of the transport company for the reshipment of the returned goods must be made together with the owner of this website and it is up to the latter to choose the transport company.

If the return request is motivated because the ordered product is damaged or the product that was ordered was not sent, the return costs will be funded by the owner of this website. In these cases, the user should send a message to the contact email of this website in order to organize the return. The choice of carrier for the return of the returned goods must be made in conjunction with the owner of this website and the latter is responsible for choosing the carrier.

After verifying the integrity of the returned item and confirming all the assumptions for refund of the amount, exchange for another item and / or creation of a voucher, the owner of this domain undertakes to make a monetary refund of the value of the order, within 30 days after the intention to cancel the order. Optionally to the monetary refund and if the user so wishes, the exchange for another item or creation of a voucher of identical value can be made. 


The user must always request the revocation in writing to the contact email available on the website. It can also be requested by written letter and sent to the contact address on this website (Headquarters).

The request for revocation and cancellation of the order must always state the reason for the cancellation such as withdrawal (if within the legal reflection period of 14 days), damaged product, product shipment other than the one ordered and must obey the following revocation form:


Revocation form template:

I, ________________________________________________________________ for this document

I notify the revocation of my sales contract No. (order reference number)

_____________________________________________________________ and regarding the articles


ordered at __ / __ / __ / and received at __ / __ / __ /

for the reason



Customer name


Customer address


Date __ / __ / __ /


According to the legislation in use, the articles have a guarantee of 24 months. Some articles may be marked with a higher guarantee, this information being associated with the description of the article.

Defects and damage caused by wrong or incorrect handling, as well as the use of inappropriate accessories or alteration of original parts by the customer or by third parties not authorized by the owner of this domain, are excluded from the warranty.

Natural wear is also excluded from the warranty.

The description of any damage, on the packaging or object must, whenever possible, be accompanied by a photo.

If the customer accepts the order or the object of the order despite being aware of any damage or defect, he will only be entitled to compensation, if he claims this right expressly in writing, immediately after receiving the goods. As foreseen if damage is detected at the time of delivery, the description of the damage must be described in a document for this purpose, prepared by the transport company.

The customer will only be entitled to a guarantee and compensation in the amount of the order for existing transport damage, if he has fulfilled the obligation to verify the integrity of the order, the object of the order and made the notification by the contact email of this website.

The request for the activation of the guarantee for a given product and compensation for its value, must be requested in writing to the contact email of this web site, indicating the product in question, the reason why the guarantee is requested and the order reference. The article must be sent to our facilities through previous organization through the contact email of this web site, in order to combine the shipment of the article and the carrier used. Upon receipt, the item in question will be checked at our premises. In case the legitimacy of the warranty activation is verified, the shipping costs spent by the user when returning the item in question will be refunded, or optionally, the shipping costs of a new replacement item will be borne by the owner of this web site.

After verification by the owner of this website and proof of the legitimacy of the right to compensation for activating the guarantee, the user can choose to be compensated with one of the following options: new article, equivalent article, monetary value of the order or the creation of a voucher discount of identical monetary value, to be used in future purchase.

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