Neptonics Tuna Bungee


Bungee Neptonics Full-Length is constructed with synthetic rubber for use in Bluewater Hunting. It is processed with the same quality and detailed construction for which Neptonics floatlines are known. The Tuna Bungee has an uninterrupted Spectra core for 1,600 pounds (725 kg) and allows 200% elongation over the length of the bungee.

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Neptonics Tuna Bungees are used to capture large pelagics around the world. The rubber is synthetic, does not degrade, maintaining the characteristics for many years of use.

With a perfect configuration for the big blue trophies, it maintains a constant traction, cushioning the impact on the equipment and fish.

To increase efficiency, it can be used with the Neptonics Floatline Clutch.


  • 1,600-lb (725 kg) Continuous Spectra Core.
  • 200% Stretch.
  • Made with Synthetic Non-Decaying Rubber.
  • Made by the Neptonics Team in the USA.
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