C4 Orange 16mm Primeline Rubber
  • C4 Orange 16mm Primeline Rubber

C4 Orange 16mm Primeline Rubber

Primeline latex rubber 16mm produced exclusively for C4.

Standard 16mm rubber, outside diameter 15.88mm and inner hall diameter 3.2mm.

Sold by the meter or in 10cm fractions.

Fração 10cm
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Exclusively made by Primeline Industries, this new latex tube has an orange color. Since 1982 Primeline Industries has been producing the highest quality latex tubes for spearfishing industry. Primeline developed a unique latex tubing with unique properties that improve performance and quality are recognized unanimously throughout the world.

The raw material latex is a milky substance extracted from plants mainly Hevea Brasiliensis. Unlike other producers, Primeline does not dry the substance before processing it, thus not breaking the polymer chain. The result is a superior natural rubber with greater resistance to tearing. Primeline's unique physical properties are due to the production process known as continuous immersion that creates pure latex rubber, layer after layer. This long and laborious process creates a superior product. It produces a latex practically free of proteins and with more antioxidants than any other latex, slowing down the aging process.

The power of this rubber results from the 350% traction effort with the following characteristics of Primeline:

  • Tensile strength: 146mm
  • Maximum elongation: 750% min
  • Hardness (shore A): 35 ± 5
  • 100% modulus (psi): 125 max
  • Specific Gravity: 0.97 max.

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