SpearMaster 15L 2atm High Pressure Inflatable Buoy
  • SpearMaster 15L 2atm High Pressure Inflatable Buoy
  • SpearMaster 15L 2atm High Pressure Inflatable Buoy

SpearMaster 15L 2atm High Pressure Inflatable Buoy


High performance pressurized 15L inflatable float, South African style. With specifications for "Blue Water Hunting" and "extreme spearfishing", was designed and built by SpearMaster. Tested up to 30 psi.

Alfa Flag & Counterweight
VAT included

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High pressure float designed to support pressurization up to 30 psi (when in air pressure max), equivalent to 2 atmospheres pressure.
When pressurized at full capacity, will maintain the same volume and impulsion ability (buoyancy) to a depth equivalent to about 2 atmospheres (~ 20m).

Serial Features:

  • Available in the models 15, 30 and 60L.
  • Built in vinyl screen coated with ultra-resistant nylon.
  • Front with reinforced straps securely attached to a D-ring.
  • Conical front reduces drag and minimizes the effort to tow the buoy.
  • Reinforced D-ring and  handle on the back.
  • The yellow color allows good visibility.
  • Easy storage after deflate.
  • Metal inflating valve type "Schrader".
  • Safety recommended pressure 15 and 30L: 1.5 bar (~1.5 atm or 22 psi).
  • Safety recommended pressure 60L: 1.0 bar (~1 atm or 15 psi).
Product Details

Data sheet

Specifications to Extreme Spearfishing and Blue Water Hunting
Vinil and ultra-resistente Nylon
Pressão de Teste:
20 psi (2atm relat.)
Recommended pressure:
1.5 bar (~1.5 atm relat.)
Parte frontal:
Correias reforçadas ligadas a anél D
Parte posterior:
Anel -D reforçado e alça
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