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  • Large field of view downward. Black hypoallergenic silicone skirt. Strapping black and gray polycarbonate. Rotating buckles for quick adjustment even with thick gloves.

  • Recommended for use in spearfishing and apnea.Slight mask with small volume. Silicone hypoallergenic black. Structure in composite bi-Material: polycarbonate with silkscreen Epsealon Camo & molding light brown SEBS. Rotating buckles for quick adjustment even with thick gloves.

  • Mini mask with low volume, specifically designed for snorkeling and spearfishing, hypoallergenic silicone strap and black polycarbonate, quick adjustment buckles. Can be adjusted with thick gloves.

  • The ACTIVA TUBAIR is a version for spearfishing, elliptical and anatomical features this adaptive snorkel have a silicone tip.Made from moldable materials with great flexibility, is designed to reduce the risk to being stuck during holes observation.

  • Multi purpose mask, medium volume with wide view, black hypoallergenic silicone, red polycarbonate frame, buckles with quick adjustment, can be adjusted with thick gloves, mounting system for action camera. Clamping screw supplied.

  • Flexible snorkel specially designed for spearfishing. Ergonomic shape and hypoallergenic silicone tip. Foldable oval shaped polyurethane tube 18mm by 22mm.

Showing 1 - 6 of 8 items