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The shipping price is presented to the user in the “shopping cart” during the order placement and before the checkout process, so the customer will always know the shipping amount before choosing the payment option.

The purchase of some items may include handling and packaging costs. Shipping costs include handling, packaging and shipping costs. The handling and packaging costs are fixed while the transportation costs depend on the weight of the order, dimensions and geographic region of destination. Volumetric weight can be considered in some shipping methods.

This website presents a table of shipping costs according to dimensions, weight and destination. This table only considers the actual weight and not the volumetric weight. In modalities that apply volumetric weight, this will be considered, whenever it exceeds the real weight. The calculation of the volumetric weight depends on the transport company. For some destinations the shipping cost also includes customs clearance fees requested by the shipping company.

The maximum dimensions allowed for shipments are defined by the shipping companies that carry out the shipments, thus, the size of the order may prevent shipping to some destinations. If during the order preparation there is no option to choose the shipping company, it means that due to its size, it is not possible to send the order to the user's destination through the transportation companies used on this website. In this case, at the user's request, we will try to obtain a quote from another transport company. For this, the user must request this request through the contact email of this website.


The forecast of the preparation and shipping times indicated in this section are not static, we will always try to adapt, if practicable, the preparation and shipping of the order to the user's needs. For this, the user must send a message to the contact email of this website and indicate a desired delivery time.

It is the user's responsibility, during registration, to provide all essential data so that the shipping company can successfully deliver.

Orders are usually sent by registered mail via CTT, CTT Expresso, DPD, DHL or GLS, although other transport companies can be considered at the user's request or at the option of the owner of this website.

If the user wants another carrier other than those mentioned above, should in this case and before finalizing the order, request the shipping quote to the contact email on this website.

The user can, if he so wishes, hire a transport company of his choice, arranging the collection himself at our facilities. Such logistics should be planned in advance through the contact email of this website and articulated with our services.

The shipping time varies with the geographic region of destination, the size and / or weight of the order. Information on the estimated shipping time after order preparation will be available during order placement.

If for any reason there is a delay in preparing and / or sending the order, the customer will be informed. A message will be sent to the email address indicated in the register about the change in the order status, as well as the change in delivery times.

For logistical reasons the owner of this website can make a delivery by a transport company other than the one chosen by the user at the time of ordering, without prejudice to the latter in relation to the shipping price or shipping time.

Items ready for shipment and in stock at our facilities are usually dispatched between 2 to 8 business days after the order preparation process and / or payment confirmation.

Items from our suppliers in Europe, even if there is no physical stock in our facilities, will have an indication of "Stock available". After ordering and / or confirming payment, these items may take 5 to 10 business days to be available for dispatch.

Items with the designation “Stock at Supplier” are requested from our suppliers after the order is placed by the user. As a general rule, they are high priced items and handcrafted, often in a personalized way. All or part of the payment can be requested from the user before the order is placed with our suppliers, regardless of whether the "Payment on Delivery" option is available in the progress of the purchase order. The shipping time for the user depends on the production and / or shipping time by the supplier. All information related to the article's manufacturing process will be updated by message to the email indicated in the registration.

Items manufactured and assembled manually in our facilities, may take between 5 to 10 working days to be processed and shipped. These articles will have the indication “Manually Processed”, associated with the description of the article.

Every precaution will be taken to protect and store fragile objects, as well as to ensure safe shipping. At the user's request, insurance may be requested and will be borne by the shipper. The insurance will only be valid when the order is accompanied by the detailed invoice for the insured items. To request insurance, the user must contact us via the contact email on this website.

We advise the user to group their items in one order. We cannot group two separate orders placed separately, and shipping charges will apply to each of them.

All shipments have a tracking code that can be viewed online.


If the user is a company, delivery is made exclusively at the customer's risk and expense. If the user is a consumer, the risk of accidental loss and accidental deterioration of the product sold, is only transferred to the user with the delivery of the product sold.

Delivery is made to the delivery address specified by the customer and is considered effected, even if the buyer is not the recipient of the order.

During receipt, the goods must be inspected by the customer or his representative and checked for transport damage. The transport and packaging damages detected by the customer or his representative must be immediately communicated to the employee of the transporting company, asking for confirmation thereof with details of the damage in the transporting company's document.

In case of damage to the merchandise not detected during delivery but only afterwards, the user should immediately send a message to the contact email of this website, informing him of what happened with sending a photograph and describing the damage.

Failure to comply with the last two obligations described above may result in the loss of the right to revoke and cancel or activate the guarantee and indemnity. 

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