Loyalty Points

The user, when making a purchase on this website, with a minimum value of € 10, is entitled to a certain number of points that revert in a "Voucher" or "Worth" to use as a discount on future purchases. These points have the designation of "Loyalty Points".

For each € 10 of purchases, the user qualifies for 1 point, each point corresponds to € 0.4.

The points, when converted into a "Voucher" or "Discount Coupon", can be used in a subsequent purchase up to a period of 2 years.

"Discount Coupon" can only be used in a purchase with a minimum value of € 12.

The conversion of points into "Discount Coupon" is done automatically by the software after delivery of the merchandise and good payment verification.

The "Loyalty Points" and their "discount coupons" are available in the customer area with the designation "Loyalty points".

After 2 years without being used loyalty points become invalid, as well as the associated "Discount Coupon".

Loyalty points and their "discount vouchers" will be void, obtained in purchases in which the user has requested the return of the same by simple withdrawal, exept, if the owner of the domain of this website considers the reason for the withdrawal pertinent, but will always be to the latter the decision to cancel or maintain these loyalty points.

The loyalty points and respective "discount voucher", obtained in purchases in which the user requests the right of withdrawal, motivated by nonconformities in the merchandise, nonconformities, with responsibility of the owner of this website or of the transport company, will not be canceled.

The relation between the minimum amount and the value of each point and the minimum purchase value, in which "Discount Coupons" may be used, may be changed without notice by the owner of the domain of this website, without prejudice to the users with previously purchased purchases.

Other Vouchers or Discount Vouchers

Other Vouchers or Discount Vouchers can be created by the administrator of this domain, being the responsibility of this one the definition of the criteria for the creation and attribution of these Vales, as well as the period of validity of the same.